Sports Hypnosis

Sports Hypnosis


Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, prominent golfers, use hypnosis. Basketballer Michael Jordan and tennis player Jimmy Connors were devotees, too. In fact, hypnosis is now widely used in all sorts of professional sports. It’s a growing area of hypnosis work.


Athletes are turning more and more to hypnosis for a mental edge over opponents – and to overcome any limiting beliefs that hold them back. At the elite level in sport, physiologically the players are much the same – the major differences are often mental. People wanting to improve their sporting performance need to develop their “mental skills” as well as their physical skills. Athletes pay so much attention to all their gear, their physio, their physical fitness, their schedule, their nutrition – but they neglect the mind.


The athlete’s body can be as fit as the next person, but when things become difficult the mind is likely to give in before the body does. Keeping the mind strong activates the athletes inner resources, which is vital in keeping the body performing well.


A basic “mental skill” for sports is that of focus. By improving concentration on what the athlete is doing, or about to do, distracting thoughts and emotions (like pre-race nerves) are put aside. The athlete focused on the race or the game – often known as being “in the zone” – doesn’t have and space for being “psyched out” by the opposition – another performance enhancer.


“Nerves” could become a big distraction, or even a safety factor, to a ski-jumper or a down-hill slalom skier, so these athletes need to build a sense of calmness and being in control. They need to remove any limiting or negative beliefs about themselves, what they are about to do in their sport.


Some sports skills involve developing good habits that can be repeated on demand – kicking a ball, a golf swing, shooting a goal in basketball, shooting an arrow or a gun, etc. Getting the right action, and making that a habit means getting it right all the time. Practice is important, of course, but hypnosis can help tie down the new habit more easily.


Other sports skills involve being calm, clear thinking and making quick decisions – for example, when to pass the ball, when to tack in sailing, etc.


By developing positive thoughts and confidence in your ability, including in overcoming any obstacles. Becoming more determined to succeed, to push through pain barriers.


Whether you are a professional athlete, or a weekend golfer wanting to improve your handicap or a runner wanting to improve your personal best time, hypnosis can help you to achieve a better performance.


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