Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking


Did you know that smoking is a habit, not an addiction?


Did you know that a habit is a pattern of actions that is controlled by your subconscious mind – you are often not even conscious of doing something that is a habit: you just do it … like lighting a cigarette.


Did you know that the easiest way to change a habit is by using hypnosis? That is because it deals directly with your subconscious – which is why hypnotherapy is one of the most successful ways to Stop Smoking.


And even better, because the subconscious also controls the body’s healing processes, hypnotherapy can also help to speed up the healing of the damage that smoking has caused to your body.


By using hypnosis you are simply using the power of your own mind – you are not putting any more chemicals into your body.


What will be the best thing about your life when you are a non-smoker?

  • Having better health and fitness?
  • Saving €90 – €120 each month?
  • Having a better appearance and smell?
  • Giving a better example to your children?
  • Not having to go out into the cold and rain for your smoking “fix”?
  • Having the skin on your face and eyes looking younger?
  • Being free from an unwanted habit?


Whatever the benefits you want from being a non-smoker, I can help you to achieve them in a single two-hour session. If you are determined to become a non-smoker, this is the ideal, simple way to do that successfully.


Language: All sessions are in English.


To book a session to become a non-smoker, call me on +372 53038068, or email me on – English language only, please.