Stress Management

Stress Management – Practical Skills for Businesses and Other Groups


Stress is now a normal part of everyone’s life. How we deal with it is the real issue. Knowledge about stress only goes so far – learning and using practical skills is essential.


Stress comes from anything negative in life, and is easily passed from one stressed person to another. We all cope quite naturally with a certain amount of stress, but what happens when we have more stress than we can reasonably cope with?


Consider these:

  • In the UK, average working times over the last decade have increased by 20%, and leisure time has decreased by 32%
  • Managers on average spend
  • 3 hours each day on interruptions
  • up to 3 hours each week looking for things on their desk, and
  • 11 hours a week in meetings
  •  Today 600% more information has to be managed than 20 years ago


Work can be stressful with deadlines, budget cuts, personality differences and demanding clients. But a person can arrive at work already stressed out by all sorts of other issues – a sick child, the traffic, family finances, bad news, etc.


A stressed worker:

  • is less able to concentrate, and will take more time to complete a task
  • is more likely to make mistakes – which may even result in an accident.
  • is more likely to cause stress to fellow workers


The Harvard Medical School Special Health Report (2013) advocates “managing stress through the relaxation response.” They advise that people learn various techniques “such as breath focus and guided imagery.” Self-hypnosis (meditation) is an ideal way to do this.


The Seminar

The “Mind Over Stress” Seminar teaches auto-suggestion as a way of relaxing the mind and body and, therefore, to overcome stress, increase creativity and become more focussed. The seminar also teaches some simple “Desk Yoga” stretches. Participants are given suitable background on these techniques and, most importantly, they are given plenty of time to practice them so that they leave the seminar with the confidence to use them as a normal part of their work day. All techniques and exercises taught are designed to be used in the workplace within 5 to 10 minutes – about the same time as a “cigarette break.” It is also helpful if they are practised at home.


While this seminar is ideally suited to business groups, it is also quite suitable for any other interested group.


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