Between Lives Regression

Between Lives Regression

Many people ponder the important questions in life, for example: Why am I here? What is my purpose in life?

Until now, you may have just thought that you need to get on with life and make the most of it. But, for people who are at least open to the possibility of having many different lives on earth, then a Between Lives session will allow you to:

  • Understand that the soul still lives after death
  • Understand that what happens in life has a purpose
  • Recall what you were meant to learn in this life (your life purpose)
  • Realize why particular people are part of your life
  • Learn that you had much more of a choice in what happens in your life than you may have realised. For example, the fact you are a man or a woman is so much more than simply random cell-division
  • Meet those in the spiritual dimension who helped you to prepare and plan for this present life
  • Learn even how well you are progressing in this life

The answers to these questions lies in the planning for this present life that you did after your previous life – ie. between your lives.


Please note: Life Between Lives is not therapy, but a wonderful chance to learn. It has proven to be a fascinating and informative way to help clients approach their lives in a much more positive way. Clients regularly report that they have an extra wisdom, a clearer sense of purpose and a deeper sense of peace about their life after a Between Lives session.

Many people have read Michael Newton’s books (see and have become interested in this important part of life, and would love to have this experience for themselves. And now you can.


Between Lives Sessions

Clients need to have a Past Life Regression first to help to prepare them for the Between Lives session. The actual Between Lives session will then take place on another day – sometimes the following day.

The Between Lives session usually lasts about 3 – 4 hours, but may be longer or shorter depending on the detail of information gained. Clients only pay for the time used.


Here is a Special Offer for those who would like to do both Past Life Regression and Between Lives Regression.

If you book both sessions, and pay in full before the first session (the Past Life Regression), you will only pay for five hours. Remember a Past Life Regression may take two and a half hours, and a Between Lives Regression may take four hours – so this may save you up to 75€.

Please contact me to make arrangements.


Language: All sessions are in English.

A Translator for this session can be available to translate between Estonian and English at an extra cost of €25 per hour.

To book a Between Lives session, call me on +372 53038068, or email me on – English language only, please.


Talks: If you would like me to talk to your group of friends and acquaintances on Past Life Regression and Between Lives, please contact me to make arrangements.