Weight loss

Weight Control

Every now and then a “new idea” or a “miracle diet” emerges that claims to have all the answers to shedding weight – that is, until the next one! So what do you believe? And what do you do?


Most new weight loss ideas involve either what you eat, or ideas about exercise – or, at best, both. Both are important. But on their own they are inadequate because even the person with the strongest will power will not be successful in the long term. And most failures are because people don’t keep to the diet and exercise regime – their behaviour lets them down.


So, to have successful long-term weight loss you need to look at what controls your behaviour, your habits and (especially) your cravings – and the answer to that is what you are thinking.


All behaviour has a reason: changing behaviour and habits must involve changing your thinking. And, like all thoughts, your unhelpful thoughts are in your subconscious – so most likely you are not consciously aware of them. And if your “blocking” or “self-sabotaging” thoughts are not addressed, then they are still controlling your behaviour, and the old over-eating problem will re-appear before too long – which is why so many diets fail in the long term.


Hypnosis is the ideal way to find and address your unhelpful thoughts. It is also a much easier way to change habits and to overcome cravings. Your ultimate weight-loss goal is not just to get down to your ideal weight – it is to stay there. And that is possible with new thinking and new habits – as well as a good diet and good exercise.


What is your motivation for weight loss? Being healthier? Looking great at an important event? Feeling more confident at the beach? Wearing great clothes again? Playing your sport more easily? Whatever your motivation is, this program can help you to achieve it.


Weight Control Program

This eight hour program is held over Six Sessions. The program teaches you skills so that you take control of process, and you can keep using these skills after the six weeks have finished.  It also means that you take all the credit for your success.


The program starts with a one-hour meeting, free of charge, to explain all that the program involves.



This program has been used in the UK over the last 15 years. It has a success rate of almost 100% for clients who do everything that the program demands.


The first signs of success – losing some weight – are noticeable by the second session. However, long term success does demand that the client:

  • Complete the whole six sessions
  • Does all the homework required
  • Is determined to make the program successful


Language: All sessions are in English.


To start this weight loss program, call me on +372 53038068, or email me on info@hypnoterapeut.ee – English language only, please.