What Hypnotherapy Helps With

What Hypnotherapy Helps With


Hypnotherapy can help with almost any area of your life where the mind is at work. There are other pages on this website dealing with particular issues, like stopping smoking, weight Loss, Past Life Regression and Between Lives, so please read them for further information.


Other issues with which I have used hypnotherapy to help clients include:

  • Stress Management – how to deal with stress, wherever it comes from.
  • Overcoming fears. Any fear limits your ability to enjoy life to the full. It is amazing how many people have a fear of Speaking in Public or of Flying. Fears or anxiety in regard to exams, at school or university, or of a driving test, can prevent your best performance. Clients have also come because of fears to do with the dentist, stage performances, spiders and driving in traffic.
  • Social Phobias. It could be that you feel embarrassment or a lack of confidence when you are in the company of other people, or are worried about what other people think of you. For some people this also leads to blushing. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome these fears and help you to enjoy any social setting so much more.
  • Changing Habits. Habits take a long while to form – but you can use the power of your mind to change those habits that annoy you – or other people – reasonably quickly. Make unwanted habits, like fingernail biting and procrastination a thing of the past. Developing healthier habits can also be a key to overcoming insomnia.
  • Goal Achievement. Hypnotherapy can increase your motivation and creativity, improve your concentration, your decision making skills and your chances of success.
  • Letting go of guilt, dealing with grief, or getting over a relationship that has ended.
  • Surgery. The powerful connection between the mind and the body means that having a positive attitude to surgery is a major factor in the recovery and healing process. Studies have shown that patients who have hypnotherapy before surgery to become more positive and to reduce stress have an increased rate of recovery and a decreased level of post-surgical infection.
  • Improving skills and attitudes. Hypnotherapy can be successfully used to improve the skills of memory, studying, anger management and assertiveness. It can also help attitudes associated with positive thinking, confidence and success.


These are just a few examples of how Hypnotherapy can help. If there is another issue you are seeking help with, then please contact me to see whether hypnotherapy is suitable to help you.


Remember: As a Complementary Therapy, Hypnotherapy works alongside, not instead of, your health professional. Therefore, if there is any reason to think that there might be a health issue associated with your issue, you will need to produce a note from your health professional to say it is suitable for me to proceed with hypnotherapy.


Language: All sessions are in English.


To book a hypnotherapy session, call me on +372 53038068, or email me on info@hypnoterapeut.ee – English language only, please.